Travel tips

Our Airbnb Hits

One of the most common questions I and Tess get when it comes to planning trips is our choice of accommodation. We’re not the type to spend a lot on hotels or five-star resorts so we’re always looking to get the best value for our money; we’d rather spend on food, attractions, and experiences on… Continue reading Our Airbnb Hits


Kuala Lumpur Family Getaway

What started out as a trip planned for me, Arnaud, and my parents turned into a big reunion with Tess. I invited her to come with us but knowing that she was living far away I didn’t think anything would come out of it. But then she surprised me by saying she got tickets to… Continue reading Kuala Lumpur Family Getaway


Makan Malaysia: Eating our way in Kuala Lumpur

Last November my family and I enjoyed a few days in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. One of the reasons why it was a memorable trip was the wide variety of delicious food that we shared, made even more enjoyable by terrific company.         Not surprisingly there are some similarities between… Continue reading Makan Malaysia: Eating our way in Kuala Lumpur