Menorca 2017

Recently I took a quick break to my favourite little Spanish island. I love to travel and explore different places but sometimes I also love to just chill out and shut off the busy world for a bit. I first visited Menorca back in 2015 and instantly fell in love with this charming island. That… Continue reading Menorca 2017


A Nice Holiday

Day 1: Place Garibaldi for a glass (or two) of the local rose, amused by Pierre la fou (who seemed to be a regular guy who goes about his business lounging on the pavement in one of the small streets with bars – forgot to take a photo), a walk along Promenade des Anglais at… Continue reading A Nice Holiday


Kefalonia, Greece – Day 2: Assos and Myrtos Beach

The guy at the rental car office told us his favourite place in the island was Assos so we decided to go there the next day. The itinerary for the day was Assos in the morning and Myrtos Beach in the afternoon. It was another tricky drive for the intrepid driver (Vittoria) and a very… Continue reading Kefalonia, Greece – Day 2: Assos and Myrtos Beach


Going Parisienne

For my first ever trip to Europe back in 2010, I put Paris on the list. It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit. I had some ideas about what to expect but was even more excited about how the real thing would measure up to those expectations. It’s good that Tess agreed… Continue reading Going Parisienne

United Kingdom

A Day in Edinburgh

I and the parents left Newcastle early in the morning to get our day in Edinburgh started. The weather was slightly showing signs of change the past few days so we expected the temperature in Scotland to be even lower. We bundled up as best as we could but when we got to Edinburgh Waverley station we found… Continue reading A Day in Edinburgh

Netherlands · Travels

The Layover: Amsterdam

During the few times I’ve traveled to and from Europe and South America my layovers have all been in Amsterdam. The longest I’ve stayed inside the airport was six hours, which may seem like a long time but not long enough to explore the city. So for my last trip, I intentionally took a longer… Continue reading The Layover: Amsterdam


Barcelona: My First Solo Travel

Traveling solo sounds intimidating to a lot of people, me included. But I decided I wasn’t going to let my fear get the best of me during my first trip to Europe in 2010. After several days of traveling with Tess in some parts of the UK and Paris we parted ways. She went back… Continue reading Barcelona: My First Solo Travel