Life in Newcastle

A Different Kind Of Theatre

Yesterday I watched a performance of As You Like It mounted by The Handlebards and there were several things about the whole experience which made it unique and very enjoyable. The Setting Northumberlandia was the lovely venue for the play. It’s known as the Lady of the North and if you look at it from above it’s… Continue reading A Different Kind Of Theatre

Travel tips

Our Airbnb Hits

One of the most common questions I and Tess get when it comes to planning trips is our choice of accommodation. We’re not the type to spend a lot on hotels or five-star resorts so we’re always looking to get the best value for our money; we’d rather spend on food, attractions, and experiences on… Continue reading Our Airbnb Hits

United Kingdom

Northumberland Countryside

So blessed to be just an hour’s drive away from the beautiful Northumberland countryside. I took advantage of the long weekend to explore and walk along Hadrian’s wall, from Housesteads Roman Fort to Sycamore Gap. Then stayed over in a warm country cottage in Bardon Mill, where everything outside is pitch black at night and… Continue reading Northumberland Countryside

United Kingdom

Sun and Fun at Durham

Being a quick 10-minute ride away, Durham is one of those easy day trips from Newcastle. I have been there in 2010 but it was around March or April, and the weather wasn’t exactly the best. I guess second time’s the charm because it was sunny and bright when I went back with my parents.… Continue reading Sun and Fun at Durham

United Kingdom

First Day in Newcastle

After four years I’m back in Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit my sister Tess, and my parents are with me this time. It’s very exciting because they have never been to Europe before. We have a great vacation planned and hopefully we’ll be able to update this blog often to keep you posted about our… Continue reading First Day in Newcastle

Life in Newcastle

Whitley Bay

Many of my Sundays have been spent along the beach at Whitley Bay.  I love walking from the Rendezvous Café up to St. Mary’s Lighthouse and back.  Sometimes I go past the café up to the Spanish City,  a Grade II listed building with a Renaissance-style frontage and a distinctive dome.  Whitley Bay beach is a popular… Continue reading Whitley Bay