When you hear Dijon, it brings to mind the mustard…and rightfully so. You mustn’t leave the city without a jar of its popular condiment.

But a walk around the city leads to many more lovely discoveries. The atmosphere is quite laid-back too, which was perfect for us since we had been to Paris, Brugges, and Brussels prior to Burgundy.

There’s many pretty structural details all around which you can enjoy even if you’re not an architecture expert.

a square in Dijon

The chouette (owl) of Notre Dame is thought to bring luck to anyone who touches it with his left hand, so if you spot it you know what to do.

At the Church of Notre Dame, you’ll be amazed at the details of the stained glass windows and the gargoyles adoring its facade.

We had some wine and food at Doctor Wine. I can still remember the flavor of the Jambon persille (parsley ham) in my mouth.

group of people enjoying a meal
pork rillete slice
Jambon persille

For the sweet tooth, you’ll always find something for you in every corner.

woman holding a bar of chocolate in a shop
Getting some dark chocolate for myself
marzipan animal figures
Some marzipan figures

Lime and basil really is a refreshing macaron flavor! There are so many unique flavors and combinations to choose from.

girl with macaron
selection of macaron

There are so many patisserie treats, it’s impossible to try them all!

man eating a madeleine
Lovely, fluffy madeleine

It’s a good thing that the city centre is very walkable; you won’t feel that guilty about eating as many pastries as you want. 😀

It was a lovely sunny day and there was even a show going on at the city hall. The atmosphere was fun and bright.

a square in Dijon with people watching a show
man and woman in front of a fountain
Place du Bareuzai

For some history and culture, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts Dijon (Beaux Arts). Among the things you’ll find here are the ornate tombs of the dukes of Burgundy. At one point in time Burgundy was a region that extended beyond France, and the dukes were the rulers. It was considered a golden era in terms of culture and the arts.

Tomb of a Duke of Burgundy
Massive fireplace with sculpture
Folding gilded panels with sculpture
stone busts at a museum
Panels with sculpture in museum
tapestry in a museum in Dijon
woman standing in front of a crown in a museum

Of course, you have to enter at least one cheese shop. There’s so many variants, it’s hard to know what to get! You know I’d get them all if I could.

We went to Les Caves de Jules for one of Arnaud’s favorite dishes. Oeufs en meurette are poached eggs in a wine sauce but this restaurant’s version is different because they put cheese in it, making the dish richer and tastier.

Plate of poached eggs in wine and cheese sauce
Oeufs en meurette
woman drinking a glass of rose
Some rose to round up lunch

Hope to see you again, Dijon! We were supposed to go again this year but with our current situation, all we can do is look back on previous memories for now. A bientot!

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