A Little Hike at Combe Lavaux

Arnaud and I had a spot for a little hike in our holiday schedule so we went to the Réserve Naturelle de la Combe Lavaux.

sign along road which says Gevrey-Chambertin vous invite au plaisir

This reserve holds several hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty so if you’re not a serious hiker you don’t have to worry at all. We even saw a family beginning their hike as we were about to end ours.

Because we were in Arnaud’s hometown he knew where to find the trails, but if you don’t have such advantage there are websites which could provide you with resources.

A few days before we found Arnaud’s hiking sticks and binoculars in his old home so we decided to bring them along.

Girl holding two hiking sticks in front of parked car

After parking the car in a place we deemed secure, we started our hike. The starting point we chose had a superb view of the vines. But then again when you’re in Burgundy the vines are everywhere, so you’re bound to have a lot of vantage points from which you can take in fantastic views.

It was pretty easy at first – it was a walk on flat ground. But as we walked on I realized the usefulness of the walking sticks which I initially brought along to make me look the part of hiker.

girl with two hiking sticks in the middle of forest path
Girl with hiking sticks going up a steep path filled with rocks
Okaaaay…it’s getting steeper and the path is strewn with rocks

But the reward is priceless as the surrounding foliage along the path changes and you reach certain vantage points that give you stunning views.

a guy looking from a cliff over to the nearby vineyards

It was summer so some of the plants had already withered. Still, that didn’t diminish the forest’s beauty.

a hiking path lined with dried plants
a guy in the middle of a hiking path in the forest

Our goal was to have a picnic at this spot that Arnaud wanted to show me and when we reached it, I could understand why it was his favorite. From where we were, it felt like we were on top of the world.

a guy standing on the edge of a cliff with arms outstretched

This was our picnic spot so we took out the stuff we bought that morning in order to make a nice spread. There’s nothing better than a good meal when you’re taking a hiking break!

crisps, bacon bread, sausages and orange juice laid out on rocks
Crisps, bacon bread, pork sausages, and orange juice
cross section of bacon bread
Bacon bread living up to its name

guy and girl on a cliff eating bread and smiling
Happy hikers

With full tummies we continued with our hike and explored even more of the Combe Lavaux.

girl with hiking stick hiking on a cliff
guy in the middle of moss covered trees
The moss-covered trees make this area feel enchanted

Our little trip ended the same way it started, with the grapes saying hello.

grapes hanging from the vines
rows of grape vines in vineyard

We decided to save dessert for the end. It provided a sweet ending to our beautiful day outdoors.

choux pastry with cream in a box
You’d go on a hike too if this chantilly choux were waiting for you
cross section of the choux pastry with cream on top and inside
Cream on the inside, cream on top

Can’t wait for our next chance to reconnect with nature!

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