Baguio Food Trip

Apart from the market scene (see story here), we also had some time to explore the city’s restaurant scene during our short stay. There’s quite a lot of choices, perfect for breaks in between sightseeing. We arrived in time for breakfast and since our hotel was near the famous Good Taste restaurant, we went there… Continue reading Baguio Food Trip


Let’s Go To The Market (Baguio City Edition)

It’s been about a decade since I last set foot in Baguio so I no longer knew what to expect. Over the years people have been saying that it’s become too crowded and the traffic too heavy that I never really made plans to go visit. This year though, a friend was getting married in… Continue reading Let’s Go To The Market (Baguio City Edition)


Back to Medieval Times in Guedelon

Have you ever wondered how it’s like to build a castle in olden days? Wonder no more as you can witness how that’s done in Guedelon. If you find yourself in North Burgundy, you should spend some time in this unfinished castle to see the ancient construction methods and tools craftsmen and builders employ. Guedelon… Continue reading Back to Medieval Times in Guedelon