Paris (Aug. 14 and 15)

Our Paris adventure continues with a trip to Basilique du Sacre Coeur, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. If you’ve seen Amelie, you’ll know that one of the important scenes in the movie was filmed in this place.

Girl in front of Sacre Coeur and carousel
Amelie looking for Nino

Sacre Coeur with blue sky against it and grass in frontThere was a throng of tourists visiting the basilica on this hot sunny day. You can’t blame people for coming out here; the city views are incredible and not to be missed.

Tourists in MontmartreCity view of Paris from MontmartreA short walk to the left of the basilica leads to Place du Tertre, where artists converge and offer visitors their services. But before we got to that part we had to stop for crepes.Girl in front of blue vintage carDSCF1713DSCF1714

Girl eating lemon crepe
Enjoying my lemon crepe
Girl waiting for crepe
We bought crepes from this shop 8 years ago!
Savory crepe: ham and cheese

The Place du Tertre is filled with artists offering to create portraits of visitors willing to shell out some Euros. It was fun seeing portraits that were accurate and even more entertaining to see ones that weren’t, while eating our crepes of course.DSCF1729

I and Tess are huge fans of The Great British Bake Off. One of their former hosts Mel Giedroyc went on a BBC show called Travel Man with Richard Ayoade and this seahorse appeared on their hilarious Paris episode. Arnaud was actually the one who saw and it called my attention. Girl posing in front of blue seahorse mosaic

We went down these steps and continued our way down to the Place des Abbesses where an unexpected surprise was waiting to be found. Couple at the top of stairs with tourists behind

Arnaud and I were waiting for Rob and Tess when we saw people entering and leaving a small non-descript garden.Paris metro stop in front of carousel

We found that they were there for one reason: Le Mur des Je T’aime or the I Love You wall.tourists in front of mur de je t'aime parisIt’s 40 square meters of enamelled lava tiles bearing the words “I love you” written in 250 languages.  I found the Filipino version!GIrl in front of blue wall with i love you in different languagesCouple in front of mur de je t'aimeNext we were off to the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Yes, you read correctly. We went to a cemetery. At 44 hectares it is known as the largest in Paris. Many notable names have this beautiful garden cemetery as their final resting place which, is one of the reasons it attracts visitors.  Arnaud and Rob were on a treasure hunt to find these popular figures and had quite some success with their mission.

Map of Pere Lachaise cemeteryMan walking in Pere Lachaise cemeteryBrick memorial in Pere Lachaise cemeteryHonore de Balzac's bust and tombMarcel Proust's tomb

Oscar Wilde's tomb
Oscar Wilde’s tomb is protected by a glass case to prevent vandalism which, has been a problem before

The sculptures and designs of the tombs and mausoleums are fascinating, making this cemetery a gallery of some sort. A visit to Pere Lachaise is a unique Paris experience that’s very refreshing compared to the usual tourist destinations.tomb with sculpture of woman guarding entranceGirl behind an empty metal frameDSCF1803

Jim Morrison's tomb
Jim Morrison’s tomb

A grassy rotonda in pere lachaise cemeteryMoliere's tombJean La Fontaine's tomb2 girls walking down a cemetery path

Caillat's tomb in pere lachaise
This was designed by Hector Guimard, the man responsible for the art nouveau entrances of the Paris Metropolitain

For dinner we decided to make use of the raclette maker we found in our Airbnb. A short trip to the grocery provided us everything we needed for a hot cheesy dinner.Raclette cheese melting on top of salad

Melted raclette cheese and meats on a plate
Melted raclette cheese and meats
La laitiere lemon yogurt in bottle
Lemon yogurt
Girl and boy in front of table with salad, cheese, bread and wine
Rosé to wash it all down

The next day it was time for us to go. We just had to take in the amazing view one last time.

Paris city view
View from our balcony
View of Eiffel tower from afar
View of Eiffel tower from afar. This was even more stunning at night with all the lights

And of course, Arnaud had to go on his morning bakery run which, he really loved doing.


Then it was time to say goodbye to the flat and return ownership of it to Yeti, our white furball friend.

white furry cat

Our short stay in Paris was made beautiful and memorable by good weather, great company, delicious food, and new experiences.

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