Paris (August 12-13)

After a couple of quite eventful flights I and Arnaud found ourselves in Paris on a Sunday morning. The first time I had been there was eight years back and for Arnaud, it was the beginning of a homecoming after four years away.

Paris balcony view
View from the sofa


When we went out to shop for groceries and lunch we were lucky to find a Sunday market near our Airbnb. There we bought a couple of roasted chicken legs, artisanal brioche, mirabelles, and juicy tomatoes. We also got a baguette from the nearby bakery.

Brioche mirabelles tomatoes baguette
Market finds

To complete the meal, we got some gnocchi and mozarella from the supermarket. A hot meal was in order after the unappetizing meals we had on the plane.

chicken mozarella gnocchi tomatoes and baguette
Excited to eat non-airplane food!

We had a house companion who goes by the name of Yeti (for obvious reasons). I’ve never had or wanted a pet in my life so I didn’t know how to feel about living with an animal for the next three days. But it turned out alright as Yeti is potty-trained and very calm as well. He didn’t mind us most of the time. Ah, my kind of pet.

Cat litter reminder
Keep the door to the toilet open; Yeti’s litter box is inside

White cat with blue eyes on bed

Tess and Rob arrived later during the day and we decided to go out see the Eiffel Tower in the evening.

Eiffel Tower in Paris at night

Eiffel Tower lights in Paris
A sparkling Eiffel Tower! ❤

The next day started with a trip to the bakery. Food window shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I just wanted to hug the display case filled with pretty and delicious little pastries!

Patisserie in Paris with eclairs and other pastries
What we saw at the bakery versus…
Breakfast table with saucisson french toast coffee mozarella tomatoes and bananas
…what we actually had for breakfast. Still yummy!

After breakfast it was time for some sightseeing.

Playground park in Paris with three people walking
The playground in the park right next to our building

We dropped by the Palais Garnier, one of Paris’ famous landmarks. I discovered later on that this was the setting to the novel The Phantom of the Opera.

Palais Garnier in Paris with tourists outsideWe were off to a quick visit to the Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Shopping is not the reason why we went though; its famous dome was. It really is more beautiful and intricate in real life than in pictures.

galeries Lafayette Paris beautiful intricate details
The beautiful dome of Galeries Lafayette

After some walking we found a nice place for lunch where we had flammekueche, a cross between a tart and a pizza.

Parisian street blue sky
Blue skies for us!


Greens with crouton and goat's cheese
Delicious salad with toasted flammekueche dough and goat’s cheese on the side
Girl with salmon salad and beer
Tess and her salad with salmon, plus a beer

We had two kinds of flammekueche: La Raclette and La Fameuse Chevre-Miel. The former was the union of a raclette meal and flatbread pizza. It had toppings of potatoes, lardons, onions, and of course raclette cheese. The latter was a sweet savory combination of honey, onions, lardons, and goat’s cheese.

Flammekueche La Raclette flatbread with cheese potatoes bacon
La Raclette: Raclette cheese, potatoes, lardon, and onions

After a huge lunch we just walked around and discovered little treats here and there.

Two girls looking at colorful macarons
We resisted the urge to buy some!
two girls walking through column lined pathway
Me and Tess

We found a pretty little park but were not allowed to enter it because a film shoot was ongoing. We later Googled the director’s name and found he was quite a reputable one. Can’t remember the name now though.

Nice park with trees
One end of a park we wanted to enter but was closed for a film shoot

Girl in column lined corridor

Square with people taking photos

Our little walk led us to the Musee du Louvre.

Louvre museum with metro stop in front
The Louvre

Louvre museum with metro stop and girl in front

We did not enter the museum but going through the pathway that leads to the pyramid on the other side, we found a surprise.

corridor with arches
On the other side lies the pyramid
Statues and sculptures and tourists inside the louvre
You can take a peek into the museum through huge glass panes
Statues and sculptures and tourists inside the louvre girl watching
“I’ll come back for you another time”

On the other side is the Louvre main courtyard where you can find the famous pyramid. This is the main entrance to the museum.

Louvre glass pyramid

Louvre glass pyramid with bear and bunny plushies
Cony and Brown’s day out

Sunny day arched gate outside Louvre

It was a nice sunny day so we just decided to enjoy the weather and take a break at a garden nearby. Many people had the same idea.Garden in front of Louvre with ferris wheel

Then we were up and walking around in no time. The goal was to reach the River Seine.

Building and cars in Paris

Detail of building with horses and patina

girl on street with other tourists in parisGuy wearing sunglasses near River SeineBoatload of tourists on river seine

pathway with arches

We reached Le Marais district and found Place des Vosges, the oldest planned square in Paris. Many popular figures resided in this area, including Victor Hugo.

Trees lining a garden in Place des Vosges
Nice row of trees
Pavillon de la Reine beautiful brick building
Pavillon de la Reine
People taking a breather in garden
People taking a breather in the garden

People taking a breather and strolling in garden

Two girls sitting ang talking
As soon as she saw the camera, Tess just had to smile

People sitting on the grass with fountain in center

Two guys sitting on a bench underneath trees
Rob and Arnaud
A street in Le Marais guy cycling
A street in Le Marais

A street in Le Marais with a restaurant and tourists walking and eating

Since we were in Le Marais we decided to grab some kebab. There’s a street lined with several shops selling all sorts of pita sandwiches.

Man holding kebab sandwich in front of store
Looks like a yummy dinner!
Kebab sandwich loaded with hummus and cabbage and tomatoes
Fully loaded

Instead of eating at the shop we decided to go to the garden we found minutes before. People were bringing their kebab sandwiches there and we thought we’d do the same. We eventually named this tiny pretty garden Jardin du Shawarma.

Girl sitting on bench with trees behindMan and woman eating kebab sandwich while sitting on a bench

Arnaud and I continued to explore a bit more after dinner by making our way to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The first time I went it was a cold and cloudy spring day, and we went up to the roof for a view of the city. This time I wanted to see the cathedral all lit up. Tourist boat on River Seine

I think I like the Notre Dame better at night. The lights bring out the intricate details of the building.

Notre Dame cathedral Paris at night

man and woman selfie in front of notre dame in paris

We stuck around long enough to see a street artist’s impressive fire dance performance. If you happen to see him in front of the Notre Dame stick around and prepare to be amazed.

Street performance man with fire

Street performance man with fire and people watching

male street performer uses fireworks

male street performer with fireworks all over him


What a fiery way to end the day. Our Paris adventure isn’t over yet! Watch out for the next story.


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