Two Days In Brussels

What do you do when you’re in Belgium for a couple of days for work? The answer: eat and drink!

Belgium is famous for its exceptional chocolate. Some say it is the capital of this indulgent treat. You definitely can’t leave without having it or taking some home with you.

Belgian beer is my favourite and arguably the best. You can Google how many kinds of beer they have and it’s a whole lot! They have trappist, blonde, white, pale lager, lambic…the list goes on and on. Two nights are surely not enough to sample everything.

The country is also known for their waffles. They’re the lightest! With your choice of topping you can make it your own creation the way I did by adding speculoos ice cream and strawberries. But still, the waffle itself remains the star.

As I’ve eventually discovered through some research (a.k.a. Google) this light and crispy waffle is known as the Brussels waffle. It’s sweeter, denser cousin is the Liege waffle which, has pearl sugar added to it. These melt and caramelize to create spots of crispy browned sugar in the waffle.

Hi, Monsieur Gaufre!

Moules mariniere or mussels in white wine sauce is one of my favorites wherever it’s on the menu.

This Moroccan chicken tajine is definitely not Belgian but it’s delicious.

This is not my first time in Brussels and this certainly won’t be the last. There’s still more to eat and drink!

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