You Don’t Know Indian Food Until You’ve Had The Real Thing!

During the 5 days I was in Mumbai for a work trip, I managed to try many of the delicious dishes that the country had to offer. The breakfast at the hotel was just amazing, the free lunch at our office was pure homemade goodness, and the restaurants at the hotel that specialised in dishes from different parts of the country, made one tummy very happy!

I got a taste of Northern Indian flavours at Peshawri restaurant in ITC Hotel Maratha, Mumbai. I had charcoal grilled chicken, minced lamb kebab, and the tastiest lamb on the bone. The accompaniment was dal bukhara – black lentils cooked for 28 hours. Poppadoms and roti rounded up this spread.

The next photos are from this set menu:

This is dosa served with three types of chutney – tomato, coconut and coriander. Dosa is normally eaten for breakfast. This one had a potato filling.

I also tried Dakshin, a South Indian restaurant also inside the ITC hotel.

The two desserts below are steamed rice flakes and lentils in sweetened coconut milk. They were both soooo yummy. The white one tastes somewhat like our Filipino binignit – a sweet snack of assorted fruits in coconut milk.

Here we have the hotel’s version of batata vada.

It consists of a mumbai snack / street food: potato mash patty coated with chick pea flour, then deep-fried and served hot with chutney. The vada is a thick sphere, around two or three inches in diameter.

I had Indian filter coffee everyday at the office.

The decoction is obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. The drink known as Kaapi, is the South Indian phonetic rendering of “coffee”. The drink is also referred to as Madras filter coffee, Madras kaapi, Kumbakonam degree coffee, Mylapore filter coffee, or Mysore filter coffee.

After a meal you can chew on Meetha paan also known as sweet paan or sweet betel. It is chewed after a meal to aid digestion.

The Indians have their own version of dumplings called momo. The tandoori cheese ones on the left were soooo delicious.

It sure was a short but sweet Indian culinary adventure!

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