All Over Taipei

After writing on food and some sights in Taipei, let’s move on to the other places we visited.

We stayed at the Da’an district and found several gems hidden in the area.

DSCF6617 (1024x575)
These buns look so appetizing!
Look at this cheese bao! I’ve never been a fan of bao until now. 



DSCF6627 (1024x768)
In one small corner we found little food carts selling breakfast. We zoomed in on this.
DSCF6629 (768x1024)
The dumpling-bao hybrid was even more delicious with a few drops of salty chili sauce.
DSCF6637 (768x1024)
We saw a lot of cafes selling good coffee at an affordable price! Way to start the day! 
DSCF6643 (1024x768)
We love chilling at parks.
DSCF6659 (768x1024)
Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

DSCF6661 (768x1024)

DSCF6665 (768x1024)

DSCF6675 (768x1024)

DSCF6686 (1024x768)

Being fans of Cony and Brown we were excited to visit the Line shop. It was filled with cute Line friends merchandise.

DSCF6692 (1024x768)DSCF6693 (768x1024)

DSCF6696 (1024x768)

DSCF6704 (1024x768)

DSCF6707 (1024x768)

DSCF6708 (768x1024)
Dino and Fox Brown
DSCF6714 (768x1024)
Choco, Brown’s sister

We found this Tesla showroom and one of the salesmen was kind enough to show us the cars…even if he knew we weren’t buying. 😀

DSCF6723 (1024x768)


DSCF6731 (1024x768)

DSCF6733 (1024x768)

We decided to try the eatery close to our airbnb. It’s teeming with customers especially in the morning.

Warm soy milk with a fried bread stick


You can’t miss the tea shops all around!

Another must-see is the magnificent Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. The photos don’t really show the massive structures and how beautiful they are. You’ll have to see for yourself in person.

DSCF7007 (1024x768)DSCF7011 (768x1024)

DSCF7017 (1024x768)

DSCF7021 (768x1024)

DSCF7026 (768x1024)

DSCF7027 (1024x575)DSCF7033 (1024x768)DSCF7039 (1024x192)DCIM100GOPROGOPR6423.

There are lot of temples you can visit all over Taipei. Sometimes you just find them as you walk to your destination.  Pay attention to the amount of detail. There’s always so much going on in these places of worship.

DSCF6768 (1024x768)DSCF6773 (1024x768)

DSCF6808 (768x1024)

DSCF6846 (1024x768)DSCF6850 (1024x768)DSCF6852 (1024x192)DSCF6853 (1024x768)

DSCF6857 (768x1024)

DSCF6858 (1024x768)DSCF6859 (768x1024)


S0186788 (1024x1024)

S0196803 (1024x1024)

S0206812 (1024x1024)

The Taipei Main station was our last stop before leaving Taiwan. Aside from being a terminal there’s a lot of food and shopping in this complex.

DSCF7228 (768x1024)

DSCF7236 (768x1024)

DSCF7239 (1024x768)

DSCF7243 (1024x768)DSCF7250 (768x1024)

DSCF7252 (1024x768)

DSCF7253 (1024x768)

DSCF7254 (768x1024)
Red bean bao
DSCF7268 (768x1024)
Where does this door lead to? 😀
S0307262 (1024x1024)
Arnaud’s happy with his cream puff

There’s still so much to see and eat in Taipei and that’s why…we’re going back there this December! It’s going to be a family affair so things are bound to get exciting!


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