Life in Newcastle

A Different Kind Of Theatre

Yesterday I watched a performance of As You Like It mounted by The Handlebards and there were several things about the whole experience which made it unique and very enjoyable.

The Setting

Northumberlandia was the lovely venue for the play. It’s known as the Lady of the North and if you look at it from above it’s easy to see why.  It’s a massive land sculpture in the form of a reclining female figure completed in 2012 and made out of 1.5 million tonnes of earth. This form is very appropriate, and you’ll find out why in the next part of this post.

The weather was fine as well; can’t complain when it’s 17 degrees out in Northeast England. 😀

The Actors

The troupe for this production consists of four talented women who play all the roles, including the male ones. See now why Northumberlandia was the perfect setting? I enjoyed their informal version of the Shakespeare classic as they employed artistic liberties and used props in a creative way.

From the Northumberlandia website


A Theatre on Wheels

Aside from The Handlebards’ female troupe, an all-male troupe will soon be touring A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Both cycle all over the UK and have toured in other countries as well, bringing an accessible brand of Shakespeare through sustainable methods. They bring absolutely everything they need on their bicycles.


n4And here I am with my own troupe! 😀


You may be wondering what’s next on our agenda. Well, we’ll soon find out!

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