Roma: Arrival and Day 1

From Firenze I, Tess, and the parents took a train back to the Italian Capital. After checking in to our Airbnb we did a bit of grocery shopping and came back with a loot of goodies. Then we were off to Trastevere.

Ciao, Roma!
This greeted us when we entered our rooms
Our supermarket haul

IMG_20160925_151531The last time I was here it was early afternoon so there was a different vibe and energy. The charming streets were teeming with more activity as night time fell and dinner time approached. We decided to look for a restaurant in the area so we could call it a night after.

DSCF6040 (600x800)
Nay and Tay in Trastevere
DSCF6042 (600x800)
Basilica di Santamaria in Trastevere
DSCF6044 (800x600)
Beautiful ceiling
DSCF6045 (800x600)
This is worth the trip

DSCF6049 (800x600)

DSCF6050 (800x600)
The Tiber river at night
DSCF6056 (800x600)
Time for some dinner
DSCF6057 (800x600)
DSCF6058 (800x600)
Orochiette with spinach and sausage
DSCF6061 (800x600)
Photo op while waiting for the food
DSCF6063 (800x600)
Our quest for the perfect tiramisu continues

The next day we went to the Colosseo but decided to explore Palatine Hill first because of the droves of tourists. It’s the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome and looks down on the Roman forum on one side and on Circus Maximus on the other.

DSCF6065 (800x600)

DSCF6066 (800x600)
Tess pretending to be our tour guide with the all-important umbrella

DSCF6067 (800x600)

DSCF6068 (800x600)
At the Palatine Hill

DSCF6069 (600x800)

DSCF6070 (600x800)

There were art installations all over the Palatine at that time and it was interesting to see modern works of art in such a historic location. There’s a lot to see in this expansive area as long as you’re willing to walk. It was quite a sunny day but thankfully, there were water fountains to provide us a quick drink.

DSCF6073 (600x800)
Installations were all over the place

DSCF6074 (800x600)DSCF6077 (800x600)DSCF6078 (800x600)DSCF6079 (600x800)

DSCF6080 (600x800)

DSCF6081 (600x800)

DSCF6083 (600x800)

DSCF6084 (800x600)
It was quite a hot day

DSCF6085 (800x600)DSCF6086 (800x225)DSCF6087 (800x225)DSCF6088 (800x600)DSCF6089 (800x600)DSCF6091 (800x600)DSCF6093 (600x800)

It was around midday when we finished exploring the Palatine. After a quick sandwich lunch in front of the Coloseo we headed inside. The line didn’t look as intimidating as it did in the morning and it moved quite quickly.

DSCF6097 (800x600)DSCF6099 (800x600)DSCF6100 (800x150)DSCF6103 (800x600)DSCF6105 (800x600)Even in its current state one can imagine how majestic this structure used to be in ancient times. It still is until now. Fifty to eighty thousand people could occupy this amphitheatre for gladiator fights and even mock sea battles.

DSCF6106 (600x800)
How the Colosseo would have looked like in ancient times

DSCF6107 (800x600)

DSCF6109 (800x600)
We’ll never get tired of this ancient marvel

DSCF6110 (800x225)DSCF6121 (600x800)

DSCF6124 (800x600)DSCF6125 (600x800)DSCF6126 (800x600)DSCF6128 (800x600)DSCF6129 (600x800)

DSCF6130 (600x800)DSCF6131 (800x600)DSCF6132 (800x600)DSCF6142 (600x800)

DSCF6143 (800x600)

We used up the whole day exploring just these two areas and so we decided to go home and recharge. More adventures on days two and three!


















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