Hiking up Elephant Mountain

For our last day in Taipei we decided to go up Elephant Mountain which, many say, provides one of the most amazing city views.

The climb up was a bit tough for me because stairs are my archenemy! If you’re  fit they say you can finish the climb in about twenty minutes. With several water breaks we finally made it to the first vantage point we found. Seeing other people continue to go up, we pressed on. Upon seeing the Six Rocks, we knew we had found the perfect vantage point.


DSCF7287 (768x1024)
Hey, I carried you. Why are you so tired? 😀


DSCF7290 (1024x768)DSCF7298 (768x1024)

Past the Six Rocks there’s also a viewing deck where we stayed for a bit to take photos and rest.



Not that much further is another larger viewing deck where we enjoyed several minutes of cool breeze. Such a relief when you’re hiking and starting to feel the heat! And for us the whole point of going on this walk was to take in the view and relax so we were in no hurry.

We decided not to go back the route we came from but instead follow the path and I’m glad we did. This second route was more relaxed and had less stairs (Yey! Although we were going down so, yeah. :D). We also saw a lot of interesting things along the way.

S0567453 (1024x1024)

DSCF7347 (768x1024)




There’s this passage between two huge rocks called a Thread of Sky. Once you enter you instantly feel the cool temperature and when you come out on the other side you are greeted by a fantastic view.S0427421 (1024x1024)

S0337354 (1024x1024)




If you want to see Taipei from a different point of view (plus, get some exercise), Elephant Mountain should not be missed.


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