The Shopping District of Ximending

It’s easy to get caught up in everything that you can see in Ximending: the food, shopping, sights, and if you’re lucky like us, a film shoot. I now believe it was for The Teenage Psychic and I realized that a few days after, when I discovered the show back home in Manila! How serendipitous! I just wish I knew about the said HBO original before I saw them filming in Taipei.

Anyway, let’s move on to more important stuff. There’s a whole lot of shops in the area if shopping is your thing. Even if it’s not you’re bound to find something interesting. You don’t have to look far to know that’s true.

DSCF6795 (1024x768)

DSCF6801 (768x1024)

DSCF6793 (1024x768)

DSCF6746 (768x1024)
They look 2D but I swear they’re not!
DSCF6740 (768x1024)
Cony and Brown face masks! Look at the selection behind me ❤

DSCF6738 (768x1024)

DSCF6736 (768x1024)









x3The food remains an attraction of course, especially if you’re a foodie like me. It’s just everywhere in Taipei! You don’t need to look far to find something to eat or drink. They’re the reason you’re going to slow down, aside from the crowd.

S0096763 (1024x1024)
Promise, we’ll try this next time!
DSCF7464 (768x1024)
People line up for the famous Ah Zhong meeswa. The thick noodle soup is simple yet packed with flavor.
What? Free tasting again? 😀 Got to sample pineapple cakes and other delicacies.


Wonton soup


DSCF7473 (1024x768)

Strawberry milk tea
This milk tea had taro bits
DSCF7468 (1024x768)
Milk tea forever!
DSCF6748 (768x1024)
I said forever, didn’t I?





There’s so much character packed in this area! Will definitely want to explore more of Ximending next time. 🙂

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