Going Parisienne

For my first ever trip to Europe back in 2010, I put Paris on the list. It’s one of those cities I’ve always wanted to visit. I had some ideas about what to expect but was even more excited about how the real thing would measure up to those expectations. It’s good that Tess agreed… Continue reading Going Parisienne

Taiwan · Travel tips

Visa To Taiwan? No problem!

(UPDATE as of June 28, 2017: Filipinos will be granted visa-free entry to Taiwan but exact date of implementation of this has yet to be announced. See this link to the Taiwan embassy website. Please make sure to check said website from time to time as visa and immigration policies may change.) Okay, the title sounds like… Continue reading Visa To Taiwan? No problem!

United Kingdom

A Day in Edinburgh

I and the parents left Newcastle early in the morning to get our day in Edinburgh started. The weather was slightly showing signs of change the past few days so we expected the temperature in Scotland to be even lower. We bundled up as best as we could but when we got to Edinburgh Waverley station we found… Continue reading A Day in Edinburgh