Eating in Shilin

The Shilin night market is one of many in Taipei teeming with hungry locals and tourists. It’s massive and is an organized chaos of stalls selling food, drinks, souvenirs, and clothes. Arnaud and I didn’t have a set plan on how to tackle this monster of a market; we just let the different smells and sights lead us as we made our way through the maze.

On our way to the market we saw this unique Modern Toilet restaurant, one which I won’t be eating in soon. 😀 Imagine chocolate ice cream or curry being served in those little toilet bowls? You get the picture.04

You don’t get far without seeing another tea shop after you’ve just seen one. We were trying to save our appetite for the eats so we shared this panda milk tea. Who knows what it is exactly? But hey, it tastes good!




We’re convinced tea runs through the Taiwanese veins

Shilin has a lot of alleys that will lead you to other ones, so on and so forth. I won’t even try to map out the area…we just walked to the things that caught our eye! This is also a good place for souvenir shopping. Taipei fashion, cute little stickers, little packaged snacks, and small trinkets can be found all over the place.





We had Taipei’s famous giant chicken chop to start with… bad idea. It was good, yes. But it was so huge, it was all Arnaud could have. Take note, we had been drinking milk tea prior to the chicken purchase.




A lot of things are supersize here. The fruits are just huge!07

We also saw super long fries which intrigued us but then we thought it was too filling so decided not to buy it.


I felt bad not being able to try other things other than the chicken but as much as I wanted to try that spiced corn cob or dumplings, our stomachs just couldn’t handle anything else…aside from these sweet potato balls. They were a last-ditch effort to add to the list of food items we’ve tried.

The balls start out as gnocchi-shaped dough fried for a few minutes. Then the vendor presses out the oil through the colander attached to his giant wok. He does this repeatedly, which I’m guessing brings in the air into the dough and makes them puff up into beautiful spheres.02-01


The end result are balls of sweet potato goodness that are crisp on the outside but slightly chewy on the inside. It’s quite unique.

There are soooo many night markets in Taipei which makes it difficult to choose one. But we just had to go to “the largest and most famous one”. This was on our 3rd night though, so we were almost maxed out on eating (unbelievable, I know!)  This just means one thing – we’ll have to go back someday and try more of what Shilin has to offer! 



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