Dinner at Raohe Night Market

Our first Taiwan night market experience was in Raohe and it was better than I expected. You wouldn’t know where to look! There’s just so much of everything, both food and people. šŸ˜€



I’m guessing this is like takoyaki, but with whole baby octopus instead of tiny bits! Kawaii!01


You’ll find these little pancakes everywhere and they come in different cute shapes.


You wouldn’t know which way to look with all the different stalls selling a variety of food. It’s a foodie’s heaven.

They spread batter thinly on a piece of cloth and put shrimps in rows, then steam the whole thing. When doneĀ the thin, shrimp-studded film is rolled and cut. Click hereĀ to see how they make this simple yet delicious dish.


Voila! Eat with delicious sauce to complete the dish.05


There was an assortment of tarts: matcha, cheese, blueberry, cranberry. chocolate…the list goes on and on.0607


They’ve got wheel cakes stuffed with a variety of fillings – taro, red bean, matcha, cheese. We chose cheese and surprisingly it had a secret ingredient: pepper. Click here to see a video of the stall we’ve been to.19

We enjoyed the steak cubes hot and fresh off the grill. We opted for just a sprinkle of rose salt to savor the beef flavor.0910

Look at those grilled king oyster mushrooms! They’re almostĀ the size of my wrist! When cooked this way they’re juicy and flavorful.


There was a lot of food we didn’t get to try because there’s just too much all around! One example is this grilled corn coated with special spices.13


Some sort of bun
Grilled meats
The smell of dried seafood is funky good. Now, the smell of grilled dried seafood is just amazing!


They love their fruits and juices too. The wrinkly fruit in the middle is bitter gourd, known as ampalaya in the Philippines. I’ve read that this variety isn’t as bitter as what we have at home.20

What an entertaining and filling trip! Taiwanese night markets are amazing and there are lots of them all over Taipei too. It’s a gastronomic adventure not to be missed by foodies like me.


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