Life in Manila

A Weekend Morning in UP

If UP Diliman were near to my house I’d definitely go there more often for morning walks, especially during the weekends. The academic oval is closed to traffic and is solely for joggers and cyclists on Sundays. It’s nice to be there without worrying about projects and exams the way I used to when I was still studying there.😁

Earlier today I found out that there’s a bike sharing service available for people who want to cycle but don’t have bicycles (me!). 

There’s no fixed rate for their 30-minute rentals. You can opt to give a donation of 20, 50, or 100PHP instead of a specific rate. If you want to donate after your ride you’ll have to leave a valuable like an ID. I didn’t ask about renting the bike for an hour (because 30 minutes is hardly enough time) but will definitely do the next time I go. The bikes are simple and don’t have shifts, but if you’re just going around the oval for a bit they do the job.

After our ride we decided to go for a walk and look for breakfast options. You’ll never go hungry because you’re bound to see food vendors in various spots.

It’s nice to just sit down and see people doing their own weekend routine.

A man trying to operate a vintage camera, while kids are playing American football in the background
Weekend football lessons for kids

Ah… I love Sundays!

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