Kefalonia, Greece – Day 1: Fiskardo, Alaties Bay (2016)

The drive from the small airport in the midwest part of the island to the northern tip (Fiskardo) was long and tricky. We had booked 4 nights in Tselendata, a small village a few minutes’ drive from Fiskardo. Even though locals told us that there was only one main road, we had to keep stopping and asking for directions as there were many turn-offs and on more than one occasion, we saw 2 signs for the same place pointing in two different directions! Some parts of the mountain roads were wide but only up to a certain point and then there were mostly steep, narrow ones. It took us 2 hours to get to our bed & breakfast but the receptionist told us we did it in good time, as it would normally take 1hour and 45 minutes for people who knew the roads.


On our first day, we explored the very quaint port of Fiskardo and the surrounding bays, and had a looooong lunch and coffee there. We then dropped by Emblisi beach for a couple of hours. The day ended with a magnificent sunset at Alaties Bay, which was surrounded by steep white cliffs and rocky landscape. I wanted to give the sun a round of applause.  It was amazing.






Delicious Greek coffee
Iced coffee and cake 





Having aperol spritz while waiting for the sun to set


We had a wonderful stay at Agnantia Hotel Apartments in Tselendata. This was our base for the first half of our stay in the island. The daily breakfast consisted of a different homemade pie everyday, Greek yogurt & honey, various continental meats, bread with orange, kiwi, peach and fig marmalade and light homemade cakes. The owners Maira and her daughter Marina were very charming hosts. Our room had a balcony facing the sea where we had dinner and we had an adopted pet cat who visited us on a couple of occasions.


More on Kefalonia in my next story which features Day 2: Assos and Myrtos Beach 🙂

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