La Dolce Vita: Eating in Rome

After our Firenze holiday it was time to move to take on the capital city of Rome. Tess and I have been before but we were looking forward to going back and eating more!

We arrived in the afternoon and after a trip to the nearby grocery (as well as a “homecooked” snack made out of our grocery bags’ contents), we headed to Trastevere. The restaurants were filled with tourists looking to have a nice, hearty dinner.

DSCF6056 (800x600)


DSCF6057 (800x600)
Creamy carbonara
DSCF6058 (800x600)
Orrochiete with spinach and sausage
DSCF6059 (600x800)
Bucatini: Imagine a thicker spaghetti with a hole right through the center for all that delicious sauce
DSCF6062 (800x600)
Nanay’s favorite: tiramisu

Pasta is, of course, present in all the meals that we had. We had to take advantage of the fact that we were traveling together and could try more varieties each and every meal time.

We stumbled upon a neighborhood bakery frequented by the locals. It was in some basement which was only evident by the entrance leading to the stairs below. I think we forgot to take photos because we were just eating so many things! 😀DSCF6211 (600x800)

Even the small grocery near our accomodations gave us a wide selection of bread that we loved. Our top picks were the brioche with chocolate chips and a bread which was made out of semolina and looked like our Filipino pan de sal.

Great food choices weren’t hard to find no matter where we were. Thanks to Google we found a nice little restaurant near our airbnb. The atmosphere was laidback and the food delicious.

DSCF6252 (600x800)
Cheesy risotto
DSCF6253 (600x800)
Spaghetti vongole
DSCF6254 (600x800)
Can’t go wrong with sweet, juicy tomatoes
DSCF6256 (800x600)
My flavorful saltimbocca
DSCF6257 (800x600)
And nanay with her tiramisu again
DSCF6258 (800x600)
Panna Cotta with berries

And when in Italy of course you can’t forget the gelato! We had one (or two) gelato breaks every single day. We had to make the most out of our stay! Also, it was very refreshing to have a few scoops after or while walking under the Roman sun. I noticed that the gelaterias in Rome had more unique and out-there flavors compared to the ones in Firenze and that made choosing more difficult than it already was.DSCF6145 (600x800)

DSCF6295 (800x600)

DSCF6296 (800x600)DSCF6298 (800x600)

More pasta and pizza for us! We’re in Italy so we might as well make the most out of it.

DSCF6328 (800x600)DSCF6326 (800x600)DSCF6325 (800x600)



One of the things that excite me and Tess is excellent cuisine, and another is sharing great food with the people we love. Of course we never forgot the Italian vino and the occasional prosecco that completes every meal. Cheers to Rome and its glorious food!

DSCF6366 (800x600)
Let’s make a toast with some aperol spritz! Until next time, Rome. 🙂

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