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We’re often in Megamall because of its proximity to the house and also, I like how it has a lot of food choices. New restaurants keep popping up so my list of places to try here continues to get longer.

Here are some of the places me, Arnaud and the parents have already tried. This is in no means a thorough review but it contains my honest opinion based on the dishes we’ve tried in each food place. I will continue to update and add more restaurants to this post.

Maximum of ✅ that can possibly awarded in my book – five.

Tuan Tuan

I’ve heard that Tuan Tuan’s snow buns are better than Tim Ho Wan’s pork buns so I had to find out for myself. We had the duck buns, which according to the waiter has the same sauce as their pork bestseller. Don’t let the pale white color throw you off. It gets its name from that I guess. The bun itself is soft on the inside and light and crisp on the outside. The filling is slightly sweet and compliments the bun perfectly.

We also ordered the almond and fish soup with Korean sweet potato noodles, mini xiao long bao, mushroom balls, and watercress. The milky broth was light and flavorful. No unpleasant fishy taste here to scare you away.

Service was quick and our waiter attentive and friendly.

Value for money?✅✅✅✅

Coming back? ✅✅✅✅

Linguini Fini

When you’re craving for good pasta this is the place to be. There’s a good variety but our favorites are the pesto fusilli and the ‘nose to tail’ papardelle. They have different serving sizes too so you don’t have to be stuck with more food than you can finish. Their complimentary bread is also good, especially with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Value for money?✅✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅✅

Osaka Osho

There’s something comforting about a plate of dumplings. The steamed then panfried skin provides a texture that’s both crunchy and chewy and of course there’s the delicious meat filling. Osaka Osho’s dumpling filling is a combination of finely minced meat and vegetable. Their salads are filling as well. The sukiyaki was a tad underwhelming but I’ve come for the dumplings haven’t I?

Another unexpected favorite here is the Japanese rice with omelette and gravy. It was like biting into a soft cloud.

Value for money? ✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅

Ukkokei Ramen
I love soup, and I love noodle soup even more. This place is a no-frills, affordable option when it comes to satisfying your ramen craving. For less than P300 you can enjoy a good bowl. They also have a considerable number of varieties to choose from.

Value for money?✅✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅✅


This place is at the top of my list of ramen restaurants. The broth is packed with flavor and the noodles cooked according to your preference. It’s quite expensive but you can share a bowl with someone if you wish. It depends on your appetite. Whenever I miss Japan, this restaurant manages to take me back.

Value for money?✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅✅

Nadai Fujisoba

Have I mentioned I like noodle soups?😂 If you want a broth that’s lighter than that of a ramen  you can try Nadai Fujisoba. They also have affordable delicious donburi rice meals.

 Value for money?✅✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅✅

French Baker

Whenever we’re in Megamall and we want bread we head to French Baker. The bakery is never short of customers so the goods are always fresh. Our favorites are the open top bread, croissant, and English muffin.

Value for money?✅✅✅✅✅

Coming back?✅✅✅✅✅

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