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The Layover: Amsterdam

During the few times I’ve traveled to and from Europe and South America my layovers have all been in Amsterdam. The longest I’ve stayed inside the airport was six hours, which may seem like a long time but not long enough to explore the city. So for my last trip, I intentionally took a longer… Continue reading The Layover: Amsterdam

United Kingdom

The Family in London!

To start off our two-week adventure we headed to London from Newcastle by train. Tess and I have been there a few times before but this was our parents’ first so we were all excited. It was a super chilly morning. Good thing we had access to the first class lounge. The past two times… Continue reading The Family in London!



The days leading up to our Bohol trip were a bit frantic so I didn’t have much time to prepare. I didn’t have too many expectations; I was just glad to get away from the city. But after our three-day stay I must say I have fallen in love with Bohol. Our accommodations were almost… Continue reading Bohol