United Kingdom

Of Supermarkets and Kitchens

I love going to the supermarkets here. There’s just so much variety and produce which I can’t find back home or are too expensive.

Anybody who knows me is no stranger to the fact that I don’t eat a lot of fruits. But here the produce looks so good I decided to give them a shot, especially those fruits I haven’t tasted yet at all.

I’ve never eaten fresh raspberry before and when I bit into it the first thing I noticed was the unique texture of the outside. It looks and feels a bit waterproof (if that makes sense) but the inside tastes sort of like strawberries but with more tiny seeds.Nanay loved grapes and so we got some together with some lovely strawberries.

We also tried fresh peaches. The texture of the not so ripe ones is like that of a softer apple. The flavor is sweet but not sickeningly saccharine.

We bought cherries as well but got too excited that I forgot to take photos. It’s very, very different from the cherries in syrup that taste like cough medicine.😄 The fresh ones have a nice, crisp skin and are juicy inside.

To finish off fruits and not let them go to waste, make a fruit crumble like I did with raspberries and strawberries. Again, I forgot to take a photo because of too much excitement.

I did a fry up breakfast one morning. Some sauteed fresh mushrooms with garlic accompanied my salty back bacon. I could eat a whole bowl of those flavorful shrooms!

The availability of greens has allowed me to have salad at almost every meal. My sister and I fancy rocket and with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you’re all set. Feta cheese adds extra yum factor.

Panfried salmon with greens
Dinner: store-bought Lincolnshire sausages with baked tomatoes and shrooms

We did pancakes for snack time once. The batter mix came in a bottle. Add water, then shake!

This Golden Syrup is my sister’s favorite, and for good reason!


For a quick fix, frozen fish fingers aren’t bad. I just did a quick veggie stir fry and rice to go with them.

The same veggie mix but this time with chicken and coriander rice

I love crisps and here they have varieties absolutely unheard of back home.

I’ll take more photos. Usually I just gobble a pack up before remembering to document.

There’s a lot of delicious yogurt here as well. I got Greek one time and topped it with honey cereal. Then there’s this variant for a quick fix.

I’ve found some drinks that have interesting flavors.  

As for sweets you’ll never run out of choices. This treat is aptly called a snowball – light and fluffy marshmallow inside with chocolate and coconut outside. The combination definitely works.

This creme caramel is a good treat all around, especially after a meal.

There’s more grocery shopping and eating to come! Til next time! Tah!

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