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Sun and Fun at Durham

Being a quick 10-minute ride away, Durham is one of those easy day trips from Newcastle. I have been there in 2010 but it was around March or April, and the weather wasn’t exactly the best.

I guess second time’s the charm because it was sunny and bright when I went back with my parents. A kind lady offered to walk with us to town when she overheard me asking for instructions.

We went our own ways past Framwell Bridge so me and my parents walked to the Market Square. I found an outdoor market here before but this time there was none. Instead colorful flowers dotted the area, something which my Nanay really enjoyed.

We walked down a small street leading to Durham Cathedral, our first stop. The alleys were teeming with both locals and visitors, and lined with quaint little shops and cafes.

At the end of the street we were walking on the cathedral greeted us straight away with its majesty. You won’t miss it.

The inside is sure to amaze anybody, making it worthy of its UNESCO Heritage Site title.

The sanctuary knocker. Fugitives used to come and knock on the cathedral door to seek refuge.
Image may contain: indoor
Look at those massive columns decorated with different geometric designs!
There were many of these huge, impressive stained glass windows

Outside we sat for a few minutes to enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy the view.

Then it was time for lunch. I saw the Flat White Kitchen as we were going to the cathedral and I remember reading something about it online, so we decided to have some food there. It turned out to be a fantastic choice.

A really delicious cup of flat white
Fluffy ricotta pancakes with fresh fruit, maple syrup, and cinder toffee butter. I’m in heaven! 
Nanay had a BLT sandwich
Tatay had a yummy Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich


To walk off all that delicious food, we went to the riverside footpath near Framwell bridge leading to Prebends bridge. The sounds of water and rustling leaves accompanied by lush greenery are very relaxing. I remember coming here on my own back in 2010 and loving my idle time by the river, just looking at the scenery which could be pulled right out of the pages of a storybook.

After our relaxing walk it was time to make our way back home. I didn’t want to exhaust the parents too much. After all, it had only been several days  since we arrived in England.

By the River Wear
Image may contain: 1 person, standing
The train delay gave us a few more photo op minutes 😀
Back where we started, Newcastle Central Station

So ends our Durham adventure. Hope you’re having fun exploring with us because there’s more to come!

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