United Kingdom

First Day in Newcastle

After four years I’m back in Newcastle Upon Tyne to visit my sister Tess, and my parents are with me this time. It’s very exciting because they have never been to Europe before. We have a great vacation planned and hopefully we’ll be able to update this blog often to keep you posted about our big family adventure. Lots of fun is on the horizon!

Surprisingly the sun shone for most of the day and so we took advantage of the good weather and went to the coast. 

A 20-minute drive led us to Tynemouth Sands. We started our walk at the Priory.

Busy with photos

The temperature was around 16 degrees Celsius, just perfect for a leisurely stroll under the sun.

Many people were out and about, playing on the beach, enjoying a few beers under the sun, or just watching the sea from the benches.

Blue skies and sea…how perfect!

We then had some fish and chips at Marshall’s.

Massive serving
Cod and chips, some mushy peas, hot choco and tea satisfied our hungry tummies. The servings were humongous!

A quick trip to the nearby grocery turned out to become a fun little field trip. I’ll tell you more about my shopping and cooking adventures here in the U.K. in the next days.

It’s already 6:30PM yet the sun is still shining brightly!


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