A Wonderful Spring Day in Kamakura

The weather had been extraordinarily cold in Tokyo for that time of year, the beginning of April 2015. When Arnaud and I finally caught a break we thought it would be nice to do a little day trip outside the capital. South of Tokyo lies a charming little city called Kamakura filled with temples, hiking… Continue reading A Wonderful Spring Day in Kamakura


Kuala Lumpur Family Getaway

What started out as a trip planned for me, Arnaud, and my parents turned into a big reunion with Tess. I invited her to come with us but knowing that she was living far away I didn’t think anything would come out of it. But then she surprised me by saying she got tickets to… Continue reading Kuala Lumpur Family Getaway


Morocco Madness with Tess and Liza

This whole adventure started out when Tess and I were looking for a country that would allow us to travel without a visa. I was set to visit her in Newcastle and go off to Rome by myself, and so we wanted to choose a destination we could explore together. We didn’t want to go… Continue reading Morocco Madness with Tess and Liza


Hiking to the Mount Pinatubo Crater

Sometimes the city just becomes too much to handle; all the traffic, people, noise, and pollution you encounter makes the daily routine exhausting. That is why once in a while one needs to look for a change of scenery and that’s exactly what we did last Sunday as we took on the journey to Mount… Continue reading Hiking to the Mount Pinatubo Crater


Barcelona: My First Solo Travel

Traveling solo sounds intimidating to a lot of people, me included. But I decided I wasn’t going to let my fear get the best of me during my first trip to Europe in 2010. After several days of traveling with Tess in some parts of the UK and Paris we parted ways. She went back… Continue reading Barcelona: My First Solo Travel