Life in Manila

My Delish Birthday

No birthday celebration is complete without a hearty meal and this year Arnaud brought me and my parents to Le Petit Souffle.

We passed by this restaurant late last year and our attention was immediately captured by the beautiful warm interiors.


The menu had a wide selection of interesting items, mostly a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine.

Croque monsieur
Japanese beef curry souffle
Neither French nor Japanese but still yummy : paella negra
A different kind of pomme frites - very thin and crispy potato shreds
This cheesy French onion soup is a great appetizer

To end the meal we had several yummy desserts because we couldn’t choose just one!

The strawberry souffle pancake is a bit more firm than a souffle, which is nice. The fresh strawberries go well with the vanilla creme anglaise.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? I tried to put in one bite the dark gooey center and slightly crispy edges of the souffle plus the creme anglaise.


This caramel and salted egg parfait is a wonderful surprise. You can see how much my parents loved it.


My birthday lunch was a very happy one. Can’t complain about getting a year older when you get food this delicious on your birthday!


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