Oodles (and noodles) of fun!

Arnaud and I had limited time in Yokohama but we couldn’t pass up the chance to visit the Cup Noodle and Ramen Museums. The foodie in me was more than excited.

We spent a morning at the Ramen Museum, which is like a one-stop shop where you can enjoy various types of ramen from different parts of the country. There is an admission fee for one-time visitors while returning guests can opt to take an annual pass. The design of the place transports you to the streets of Japan in 1950 and is definitely fascinating for young and old alike.

DSCF6030 (800x600).jpg
The look of love!

DSCF6044DSCF6086 (800x600)

Now on to the ramen…There is a one person-one ramen order policy in each shop so even if I wanted to try all the ramen types it just wasn’t possible. One serving was enough to fill me up but in order to make use of our visit we went to two/three shops.

DSCF6070 (800x600).jpg
The ippudo stall
DSCF6080 (600x800).jpg
A different kind of ramen – the broth is French-style consomme
Komurasaki – this was packed with garlic goodness


Determined to make this a noodle day, we went to the Cup Noodle Museum in the afternoon. It contains displays of different instant noodles from Japan and all over the world, both old and new. There are also exhibits telling the story of Momofuku Ando, inventor of the cup noodle.

DSCF6233 (800x600).jpgDSCF6194 (800x600).jpg

What I was really looking forward to was making my own cup noodle. We got a ticket for the My Cup Noodles Factory, where you can choose your cup, decorate it, and fill it with your choice of toppings and seasoning. The process ends with sealing your cup in a cool vacuum bag.

DSCF6202 (800x450).jpg

Take your pick

DSCF6223 (800x600)DSCF6215 (600x800)

He put a song on his cup!
DSCF6225 (800x600).jpg
Look how cute those are! Kawaii!


We saw the Chicken Ramen Factory where you can make your own ramen noodles from scratch but the slots were all filled up. Make sure to book in advance if you want to participate in this activity.

DSCF6203 (800x450).jpg

All in all it was a fun and delicious day for us in Yokohama!

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